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Secret Invasion reveals one Avenger has been a Skrull way longer than we thought

Secret Invasion’s politics can’t be trusted

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The creators of Venture Bros. reflect on the end — the real one

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer’s team-up resulted in one of the greatest animated comedies of the 2000s

Stunt performer sets himself on fire at actors’ picket

Dan Harmon’s new animated series turns a hit webcomic into a gentle Rick and Morty

The best TV of 2023 so far

A spine-tingling clip from Uzumaki emerges from Adult Swim Festival 2023

This stream has:

Every major announcement from SDCC 2023

The Witcher season 3 seems to be one big battle after the next

Good Omens season 2, Henry Cavill’s Witcher farewell, Twisted Metal, and more

The Boys spinoff Gen V is here to gross you out

Twisted Metal team is more than happy to make TV’s deranged underdog

Cowboy Bebop creator, John Wick director team for anime that looks slick as hell

Every Futurama finale was of its time

Mr. Yellowstone’s latest show is for the ladies (who want to catch terrorists)

Watch the best San Diego Comic-Con 2023 trailers here

The Dragon Prince season 5 gets a surprise early release

Invincible season 2 gets a surprise episode out now (plus an actual release date)

Netflix’s live-action One Piece sends Luffy to the Grand Line to become king of the pirates

Rick and Morty season 7 will replace Justin Roiland’s characters with ‘soundalikes’

Fionna and Cake gear up for their own multiversal Adventure Time romp

Star Trek history was made and Strange New Worlds barely cared (which is great)

Witcher season 3 was building up to one thing, and fans can watch it early

A24 films and a crowdfunded Jesus series approved to shoot through the actors’ strike

During the strike, actors can still work on video games

Wheel of Time season 2 is finally bringing out its coolest characters

Netflix kills its basic ad-free plan in the US and the UK

The best thriller of the year is a TV show about Idris Elba on an airplane

The SAG and WGA strikes don’t mean you can’t cosplay or write fanfic

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Anime helped make Teen Titans one of the 2000s’ most important shows

Teen Titans go anime

Steven Soderbergh’s secret TV show is the weirdest PSA I’ve ever seen

The Yellowstone guy’s spy thriller, more Justified, and all the new TV this week

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