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Tabletop Games

Disney Lorcana’s greatest asset may be its most divisive quality

Warhammer 40K is host to the most evil elves possible and I adore them

Dimension 20’s Dungeons and Drag Queens is a cultural reset for queer nerds

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Gloomhaven’s designers took board games by storm — now they’re coming for RPGs

Isaac Childres looks to combine RPG mechanics with flexible, character-driven stories

The board game of the year is based on a (brilliant) video game

Kickstarter rival Backerkit exits beta on the heels of a successful Gloomhaven campaign

Actual play creators respond to questions over SAG strike, future episodes

Disney Lorcana publisher taps famed Magic: The Gathering lawyer in Upper Deck lawsuit

Great Prime Day deals on D&D and Critical Role are still available

D&D deals provide everything you need to become a Dungeon Master for less than $50

Scoop up these Star Wars tabletop deals during Prime Day

Here are Prime Day’s Magic: The Gathering deals

Deep discounts on board games available for Prime Day

Blade Runner tabletop RPG expansion lets you play a rogue Replicant

Games for Change, a leading voice for social change in video games, is getting way into tabletop

Indiana Jones: Sands of Adventure turns Raiders of the Lost Ark into a raucous party game

The One Ring, forged in the fires of Mount Doom, will likely be taxed at 49%

Four people sit around a table in a studio with a backdrop of pink, blue, and purple. On the table is a small board game city made precariously of popsicle sticks and small blocks. Three of the four players look prepared to demolish the city with their hands.

Tokyo Highway is a tense board game about building roads

The One Ring card, Magic: The Gathering’s coveted collectible, has been found

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Flesh and Blood, MTG’s most dynamic competitor, brings back its first Living Legend

Prism’s return fulfills a promise made when the game launched in 2019

Dungeons & Dragons telegraphs 5th edition changes in major release

Kickstarter’s Community Advisory Council helped steer it away from blockchain tech

Custom D&D miniatures from Hero Forge will soon include adjustable facial features as well

Your first look at Magic’s Lord of the Rings cards inspired by the classic Bakshi cartoon

8 great board games you can play anywhere

Magic’s Lord of the Rings booster boxes top $500 as collectors hunt for the Ring of Power

Free RPG Day has gone to the dogs: the best games and free adventures for 2023

How to get deeper into Magic: The Gathering with Tales of Middle-earth

Where to buy Magic: The Gathering’s LOTR-themed cards

Gloomhaven is finally headed to Nintendo Switch, pre-orders discounted

Build a better post-apocalyptic future with the TTRPG Dreams & Machines

Hellboy-inspired tabletop RPG Apocalypse Keys asks who will hold you as the world ends

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