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When will Oppenheimer come to streaming?

When and where Barbie will be streaming

The best movies of 2023 so far

Talk to Me’s directors are ready to dethrone Grimace Shake and start a TikTok possession trend

The 4K Blu-ray remaster of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm is now up for pre-order

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The creators of Venture Bros. reflect on the end — the real one

Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer’s team-up resulted in one of the greatest animated comedies of the 2000s

Oppenheimer’s controversial sex scene is actually crucial to its bomb sequence

The Exorcist’s revival looks way too much like every other possession movie

The faith-based Sound of Freedom continues to be the most surprising movie hit of the year

Disney’s Haunted Mansion movie is the anti-Pirates of the Caribbean

Stunt performer sets himself on fire at actors’ picket

Skipper isn’t the only Barbie sister — they have a whole extended family

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There are more than 40 Barbie movies, and we ranked them all

Barbie and Oppenheimer share a single clear theme

This stream has:

Every major announcement from SDCC 2023

Cillian Murphy’s baseball doppelgänger also had a great Barbenheimer day

DMC and Metal Gear action director’s badass new crime thriller can’t get here soon enough

Transformers One tells a ‘biblical’ Optimus Prime story that only animation can pull off

Barbie and Oppenheimer’s box office weekends were both massive winners

Watchmen is getting an R-rated animated adaptation, will we ever know peace

Transformers’ G.I. Joe tease is absolutely ‘a promise’ for the next movie

George Romero’s best zombie movie, Day of the Dead, hits even harder today

Watch the best San Diego Comic-Con 2023 trailers here

The Barbie movie is a big cheat for Horse Girls

Revisiting Nolan’s previous Barbenheimers

‘What’s the correct viewing order for Barbenheimer?’ is the wrong question

The Flash, Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone, and every new movie to watch at home this weekend

Does Barbie have a post-credits scene?

What does ‘Spider-Man 2’ even refer to anymore?

The Venture Bros. movie is a fitting finale for one of TV’s best animated comedies

The best movies on Netflix right now

Polygon’s 2023 summer movie festival: The Meg

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