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What to Play

What to Play

Many games are huge. Others are endless. Some are so exciting that they swallow our news feeds whole. That’s where Polygon’s What to Play comes in: We curate the best, most innovative, and most intriguing games on every platform, so you can spend less time searching, and more time playing.

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The 50 best video games of 2022

The 14 best PlayStation 5 games

The 22 best Xbox games

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The 28 best PlayStation 4 games

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The best video games of the year so far

The 22 best Nintendo Switch games

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The 38 best games on Game Pass

The 22 best Xbox One games

Couch co-op isn’t dead — here are our favorite split-screen games

The 13 best horror games (and one honorable mention)

The 13 best co-op management games to sink hours and hours into

Ranking the 9 best stealth games

The best Pokémon-likes to play while you wait for Scarlet and Violet

Ranking the 7 best Warhammer fantasy video games

The 16 best games in PlayStation Plus’ Game Catalog

Zine Quest 4: Tiny indie games about outlaws, outer space, and an animal drag race

18 games we love on Steam Deck

The 22 best board games

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14 exciting video games we’re anticipating this summer

Puzzle Quest 3 is disappointing — here are 5 great puzzle RPGs to play instead

Ascension Tactics leads our list of the best new board games of March

Control leaves Game Pass later this month, so you should start playing now

Obsessed with Wordle? Here are 6 games to kill time between rounds

The 8 coziest video game firesides

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